PHYSIQ Body Contouring Treatment in Syracuse New York

PHYSIQ is the most effective, non-invasive body contouring treatment. It’s FDA-approved to treat FAT AND MUSCLE in the same session! PHYSIQ body contouring combines heat and energy to reduce fat and tone muscle. PHYSIQ is the perfect treatment for ALL bodies and skin types.

It has 4 applicators containing Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and Super-Luminscent Diode Matrix (SDM) technology with the optimal wavelength. This allows for multiple areas to be treated simultaneously for faster treatments. PHYSIQ is the latest, most advanced body treatment technology from the leading Italian laser manufacturer, DEKA. PHYSIQ delivers heat and energy to the targeted area for optimal results without downtime.

Our Staff have taken the thoughtful time and consideration to uncover the ideal body treatment to confidently offer our patients. PHYSIQ has delivered that confidence, and we are excited to share it with you!

What should I expect before, during and after my treatment?

Before your PHYSIQ treatment, if necessary, you will want to shave the targeted area.

Your provider will place up to four applicators spaced along the desired area and secure them with a PHYSIQ band.

During your treatment you may feel warmth at the applicator site but PHYSIQ’s energy delivery and unique patient control features ensures optimal comfort.

After your treatment, it is important to massage the area with the PHYSIQ body lotion that was designed to complement your body treatment. One bottle of the PHYSIQ body lotion will allow you to continue this massage, twice daily, between treatments.

The area may feel warm for a few hours post treatment.

Are There Any Risks with PHYSIQ?

This body contouring device has been designed for speed, efficacy, comfort, and safety. Having a built-in cooling mechanism that prevents heat spikes in the skin, the Physiq treatment process carries very little risk. Your provider also places customized sheeting between your skin and each applicator. This is done to maximize the efficiency of the direction of energy through the skin to the target layers of tissue (fat and muscle). Other than a sensation of warmth that can last a few hours after treatment, it is unlikely that you will experience any other side effects. This is one of the most significant advantages of this advanced technology!

How is PHYSIQ Performed?

It takes just a few short office visits to see significantly rewarding changes in your shape. Physiq can be applied to multiple treatment areas in one session. Common treatment areas include:

When you arrive for your appointment, we will make you comfortable in your treatment room. Your provider will apply thin sheeting over the skin in the treatment area, then set the applicators into place over the fabric. The applicators are held in place with comfortable straps. While you sit back and relax for thirty minutes, the Physiq device will deliver body-sculpting energy to all the right places!

Before & After PHYSIQ

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